Top 10 best Pokemon, judged by someone who has never played through a full Pokemon game

I know what you’re thinking right now: ‘Eleanor, how could you admit that you’ve never played a Pokemon game when you have a gaming blog?!?!’. The answer is that it’s pretty easy. I trust you guys. Yes, I am praying that this post doesn’t attract many… passionate people, but I don’t feel ashamed about this. I grew up in a very small town, and I was one of the only kids who had a DS lite. I had never even heard of Pokemon until I was around 9, when my dad got me one of those probably illegal cartridges that had a bunch of games on. Pokemon was one of them. Actually, I played it quite a lot. To be completely honest with you, I mainly played it because I had a crush on a boy and he would go on my DS to play Pokemon sometimes and I wanted something to talk to him about (no, that boy wasn’t Joshua… would’ve been cute if it was but no. As far as I know, that boy is a not very nice person who acts like a nice person, just in case anyone wanted an update on that). My main point is, I wasn’t that interested. But you’re all probably already assuming this, but do you know who is interested? Joshua. He is actually very interested. For reference, his favourite game is Platinum I think… wait I’ll check… yes, it’s Platinum. Which leads me to why I’m doing this post right now: the remakes! Josh very rarely shows emotion like excitement, but he is so excited for these remakes. So I imagine what’s going to happen is – and my regular readers will know this drill by now – he’s going to play it, talk about how great it is, I’ll roll my eyes and probably hate it for a good month… and then play it and suddenly I have a new special interest. So, I wanted to do this funny post before I go down that road. If anything, it would be nice to have this to compare later on. So, after a very long introduction, here are the top 10 best Pokemon from someone who has never finished a game. For reference, I have played Pokemon go back in 2016 and 2017 because my nephew liked it and I wanted to bond with him. I am looking up nothing but names and pictures of these Pokemon, so a lot of my knowledge might be a bit ridiculous. I just thought it would be funnier this way.

Charmander official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

10) Charmander
So Charmander is the baby dragon (not the Yugioh card, an actual baby dragon) that you can pick at the start of the game. But not all the games. I think just the first generation… yeah let’s go with that. I think he has a flame in which when you put it out… well you shouldn’t because he dies and uh that’s not good. I know from Joshua that the fire type starters are the superior ones, so that’s why Charmander is here and not Squirtle or Bulbersaur. I just thought if I gen 1 starter Pokemon wasn’t on this list, people wouldn’t be happy and I didn’t see a problem with putting it on soooo yeah.

Snorlax official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

9) Snorlax.
Just looks like he would be nice to cuddle. That’s the reason. I think Snorlax would be a water type Pokemon. Probably would attack by shooting water out of its nose… which is very gross and I know this from experience because my sister used to do this to me.

Pikachu official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

8) Pikachu
Overrated… but still super cute. I think the Detective Pikachu movie definitely redeemed Pikachu in my eyes. It was hilarious.

Eevee official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

7) Eevee
So I know a lot of people don’t like Eevee because she’s a normal type, but I do. As a few people will know, I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and I feel like Eevee is a good symbol for that. I’m actually getting a tattoo with the Eeveelutions (I think that is how it’s spelt?) soon but I want Josh to draw it for me first so that might take a while considering it’s been over a year since I’ve asked him… and the whole pandemic thing.

Jigglypuff official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

6) Jigglypuff
Reminds me of our lord and saviour, Watapon, from Yugioh. Super cute. 10/10 would cuddle.

Ditto official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

5) Ditto
I know this one from Pokemon Go and I only saw it once… I can hardly remember it but it got away from me and that sucks. But Ditto is a shape shifting pokemon, which I think is pretty cool and from my perspective, it’s pretty unique.

Oshawott official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
By Ken Sugimori

4) Oshawott
Now, despite me not playing a full Pokemon game… I have played bits and pieces, especially since the pandemic started (but even that wasn’t enough for me to go far enough to get to a gym battle). Oshawott is the starter I picked because it’s cute and also it has ‘osh’ in its name which is what a little alter of mine calls Josh, and I thought that was sweet so yeah deeply personal reason there but you get what you get.

Gligar Sugimori artwork
By Ken Sugimori

3) Gligar
It’s the less creepy version of Josh’s favourite pokemon, so not only is it cuter but I hear about it significantly less. I think it would be either a curse or… do they have poison type? If they do, then that. It is generation 4, which is the best generation.

Girafarig Sugimori artwork
By Ken Sugimori

2) Girafarig
My favourite animal is a giraffe. This looks like a giraffe. I imagine it’s a normal type pokemon that bites its enemies.

Gliscor Sugimori artwork
By Ken Sugimori

1) Gliscor
I have a good relationship and do not want it to end anytime soon and for that to happen, Gliscor needed to be number 1. Now that I think about it, Josh might have encouraged me to do this list just so Gliscor would be number 1 on a list. Regardless, it is pretty cool. It’s a generation 4 Pokemon, which means when we met, it wasn’t in Pokemon Go (despite me looking for it for months before he told me this). It’s purple, which is my favourite colour… maybe Josh’s favourite colour is purple because of Gliscor. Probably not. It’s probably a dark or poison or curse type. A flying type, for sure. It’s the evolution of Gligar which was mentioned earlier in this list. It was only on the dark version of the game? I think? And you have to evolve it at night using some kind of stone.

After talking to Josh about the last bit, I realised I need to explain about the ‘dark’ version of the game. So you have black and white, sword and shield, peal and diamond. The first ones are dark and the second are light. You’re welcome.

So, Gamers, that was my very informal list of Pokemon that I know and think are the best. Were you surprised I knew 10? I was! Leave your thoughts in the comments, don’t forget to like this post for me to do a happy dance, check out my social medias to keep up to date, and check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch, where me and Josh stream almost every day!

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