My 10 favourite and least favourite Pokémon

Hey, Gamers! A long time ago, I wrote a list about the best Pokémon as someone who has never finished a full Pokémon game. Since then… I’ve fallen in love with the franchise. My favourite Pokémon weren’t even on the list. It was mainly judged my cuteness, Josh’s opinion, and general popularity. I promise you,Continue reading “My 10 favourite and least favourite Pokémon”

2023 Gaming Goals

Hey, Gamers! This is the first fresh post that I’m writing, so I’m excited. I know it’s February (at the time of writing) and most people get this out in January, but I thought I might as well share the goals that Josh and I have.If you’re new here, hi! My name is Eleanor, andContinue reading “2023 Gaming Goals”