Progress Report- April 2023

Hey, Gamers. April was a long month, but it went by so fast. I didn’t exactly accomplish everything I wanted, but it was still fairly successful. Josh had a mind-blowing month, and I think even he’s excited to read about it. Let’s get into it! Spoilers for: The Walking Dead, Skyrim (early game), the glitchesContinue reading “Progress Report- April 2023”

Quote of the Week

Week: 3rd– 9th April 2023 Game: The Walking Dead (Season 1) (This post contains major spoilers for a choice towards the end of the game, so even though I know this game is old, I wanted to put a quick spoiler warning). Character: Lee Everett Quote: “Still feels pretty recently chopped. So, no, Kenny. ItContinue reading “Quote of the Week”