Quote of the Week

Week: 8th– 14th May 2023

Game: Yakuza 5

Character: Haruka

Quote: “You just have to hold on a little longer. You’re obviously an upstanding young man, and the children all look up to you.”

Reason: I am absolutely loving Haruka’s story in Yakuza 5. I’m enjoying the idol stuff a lot more than I originally thought I would. My favourite events to do are the Running Girl TV show and the handshake events. This particular quote comes from an interview that starts as a side story rather than a job on the schedule like the other interviews. Why? Because it’s responding to letters from the Morning Glory kids. Guys, my heart couldn’t take it. If you’ve read the post where I offer an apology to Kiryu (linked at the end of this one), you’ll know that I’m mad at Park for taking Haruka and Kiryu away from those kids. This side story just increased that anger. Those kids need them, and Park should have realised that. I think the Morning Glory kids are really special to both Kiryu and Haruka, but it’s more… obvious with Kiryu. Like, those are his kids, they’re obviously going to be special to him. In the previously mentioned post, I talked a bit about the responsibility put on Haruka when Morning Glory is established. Before writing that post, I actually spoke to Josh about how it’s obvious that Haruka has a mother role. In this conversation, it’s made explicitly clear that those kids view Haruka as their mother. It just makes the whole thing worse. This whole conversation could have been the quote of the week (if I saw it all, which I didn’t because the tears fogged up my glasses), but I chose this one because it’s the one thing giving the kids hope. I don’t know much about Yakuza 6 apart from Haruka having a baby and being in a coma. So, she’s not back at Morning Glory. I’m not going to give these kids false hope that she’s going to come back. It’s actively something I avoided doing but Haruka did it anyway. This line, I feel, speaks a lot to the kids. It reminds them that there’s always someone looking up to you and that in the end, everything is going to be okay. I think that’s an important lesson to learn. You see, bad things happen and they happen fairly frequently. Even if it’s a big thing… the world keeps moving. Life keeps going. If you push through, everything has to be okay eventually. It’s a lesson I hope to teach my own kids as soon as possible because I forget it often at 23.

Kiryu Post Link: https://eleanorreesgaming820689257.wordpress.com/2023/05/03/i-owe-kiryu-an-apology/


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